Holding Tanks

Solutions for Holding Tanks.

Inca Gold toilet deodorizers come in ready-to-use formulas: non-formaldehyde liquid or dry powder in tri-laminate foil packets premeasured for individual toilet treatments. Both work instantly without waiting for any breakdown of tablets and granular and product is not wasted at the bottom of the tank by not dissolving.

Inca Gold biodegradable toilet chemicals and deodorants are completely safe for discharge into sewage treatment facilities. Trusted by the transportation industry since 1971, Inca Gold toilet chemicals and deodorants were among the first to be developed and tested for regular commercial service on buses, aircraft, boats and railroads.

Wide Range of Holding Tanks Solutions:

  • Aircraft Toilets
  • Campgrounds, National Parks, and Portable Toilets
  • RV, Bus, and Marine Toilets
  • Railroad