Food & Beverage Processing

Freeze Corrosion in it's Tracks.

Chilling and Freezing

Douglas HTF PG inhibited glycol-based heat transfer fluid offers significant advantages in chilling/freezing and defrosting/dehumidifying applications. Breweries, wineries, dairies, and fruit processors use Douglas HTF PG during processing to cool their products. Other applications include cooling liquid beverages in restaurants, bars, and vending machines.

Douglas HTF PG is low in toxicity and odor as well as virtually tasteless making it ideal for applications where incidental contact with food products or potable water is possible. This includes immersion freezing of wrapped meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit. These qualities are important benefits for any chiller application.


Douglas HTF PG inhibited glycol fluid can be sprayed on refrigeration coils in walk-in freezers and cold rooms to help remove condensation, maintaining optimum chilling efficiency. The glycols mix with condensation from the coils, lowering the freeze point of water to prevent frost formation. The sprayed fluids also remove moisture from the air, controlling humidity.

Douglas HTF PG inhibited glycol fluid may not be acceptable in some food applications. Contact your Douglas representative for additional information.