The right fluid makes all the difference.

An initial investment in heat transfer fluids for your equipment is drastically less than the cost of equipment like chillers, pumps, piping, and other integral system components. But performance, longevity, and maintenance costs can all be tied to which heat transfer fluid the system utilizes. For sensitive equipment, DOUGLAS HTF Inhibited Glycol-based Heat Transfer Fluids, are among the most trusted.

The range of Douglas fluids includes inhibited, ethylene glycol-based (EG) fluids. These are specified when maximum efficiency for heat transfers and an economic solution is required. By contrast, inhibited propylene glycol based (PG) fluids are used when low toxicity fluids are necessary. When used at the appropriate concentration, using properly maintained Douglas glycol-based fluids will provide reliable long-term protection against system corrosion, freezing, and bursting- at an economical level.


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