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A simple Google search will reveal no shortage of companies providing HTF products for a variety of applications, equipment and processes. With each one claiming superiority it’s easy to get lost in the forrest while looking for just the right tree. At Douglas, we are committed to helping each of our customers find the right solution for their need and leverage our expertise as well as our diverse product line to make sure each piece of the equipment efficiency puzzle works together seamlessly.

If you are already an expert in HTF products and specifications, we invite you to go right for the Products Page as it will hold all the information you need to find which product is right for your job. If you are having trouble deciding between multiple products than we’d love to hear from you and get the opportunity to help you make your best decision for your vital equipment.

Contact us today and learn more about what makes Douglas Thermal Fluids perfect for your application.

A pillar division of a 100 year old commodity and infrastructure chemical company, Douglas Thermal Fluids is a trusted provider of top quality thermal fluids. Each day we take a methodical, results based philosophy to providing efficient, effective solutions for the equipment, industries and applications that power the world.

Our product’s are among the technical leaders of the industry. With a variety of applications, there is always a Douglas Thermal Fluid product that is right for your equipment. Whether you’re after a Polypropylene or Ethylene based fluid, you’ll find Douglas Thermal Fluids is a one stop shop.

Our team is dedicated to helping our customers find the absolute best products for their needs and helping achieve the ultimate in equipment efficiency. With vast experience in the thermal fluids industry, we bring that knowledge to bear on each and every customer inquiry,

Great HTF products are only part of the picture when deciding who to purchase your fluids through. Douglas Thermal Fluid’s stands above the rest through our commitment to providing the absolute best pre and post purchase support for our customers.